How Gals Can Take Down Numerous Opponents By – Rony A Antonucci

These people emerged from a street up ahead. They smiled and whispered to each other the minute they saw us gals. They began moving toward us. A number of them went over to the other side. We would be passing through this group of males. Almost at the same time, our right hands moved to our own pockets.

If only those men knew we all had been participating in a womens self defense workshop within the past 8 weeks, that mixed martial arts techniques with the utilization of a personal defense pepper spray, they would have allow us to through without a problem.

We have discovered exactly how defense spray works on attackers, and exactly how defense techniques and defense sprays combine perfectly to be able to take robbers as well as rapists down.

Right after our initial training session, we looked on the Net for some defense spray. We did not know there were so many different types.

Mimi got herself a pepper pen. It appears just like a true pen, however keeps 6 to 10 one-second bursts of spray, shooting as far as 8 feet away. Disguised defense sprays like it make sure the target is not going to see what is coming.

Janine selected a lipstick defense spray. She could hold it right in the face of her target and he would not know exactly what it is until the stuff hits him. The mini defense spray contains 20 half-second bursts with a range of 10 feet.

Katie definitely liked the 2 oz. defense spray fogger. With a range of ten to twelve feet as well as 8 to 10 one-second shots, this particular pepper fogger covers an assailant in fog instead of directing a steady flow of spray at him. She’ll not even have to aim so well.

We never imagined we would be using our own training in mixing a personal defense pepper spray together with a number of nice defense steps so soon, however we did exactly what we all needed to when those bad guys lunged at us. The next thing I knew, they were all kissing the ground and crying in pain. And Janine was on her mobile phone, phoning 911.